Weavings at Forrest Funeral Services, Auckland

Framed weavings in the chapel at Forrest Funeral Services, Auckland.

Weaving Workshop at Waimea College, Nelson

Flax weaving workshop 19-20th August 2017, Waimea College, Nelson. Good fun!

Happy customers

Photos from several happy customers - great to see the weavings displayed in homes and businesses!

Fabulous Fijian Weaving!

Suva Flea Market, Fiji - the most fantastic array of handweaving I've ever seen ...

Suva Handicraft Market - weaver extraordinaire

At Suva Handicraft Market I met Neomai Vakarau, Fijian weaver extraordinaire, and bought a beautiful basket/handbag that she had woven.

Weaving Adventures in Fiji!

I thought I was going to Fiji for a bit of midwinter sunshine and a rest, but it turned out to be an adventure instead ... !

Moko Artspace Featuring Wild Sands Weaving

Moko Artspace Featuring Wild Sands Weaving, May 2016

Go Wild With Weaving 2016

Go Wild With Weaving, Collingwood, Golden Bay, 23-24 April 2016

Golden Bay Community Gardens Weaving Workshop

12 March 2016, flax weaving workshop at Golden Bay Community Gardens, Takaka. Good fun!

Help Exchangers in Wild Sands Weaving Studio

Help Exchangers in Wild Sands Weaving Studio

Go Wild With Weaving 2015

Go Wild With Weaving was on again in Collingwood, Golden Bay, April 11 & 12, 2015.

Weaving a Wonderful Whariki!

On the weekend of 17-18 May 2014 a group of weavers gathered to create a very special whariki (woven mat) together.

Go Wild With Weaving!

Go Wild With Weaving! Workshops event in Collingwood, Golden Bay. Held on ANZAC weekend - Friday 25 & Saturday 26 April 2014.