Weaving Adventures in Fiji!

Weaving with local ladies at Nataleira Village, on the east cost of Viti Levu, Fiji's main island. We wove with voivoi, a traditional Fijian weaving material (called pandanus elsewhere I think ..) which was new for me, as I'd never worked with it before, and it's different to harakeke/NZ flax.

They wanted me to teach them something new and different, from New Zealand, so I showed them how to weave a backpack, using techniques I had been taught by Maori weavers at home in NZ. The Fijian ladies also taught me some new weaving techniques I'd never seen before.

So we all got to learn something new. And made friends in the process :-)   All three of the village ladies are competent weavers - so it was easy to share and exchange techniques because they picked them up easily.

Lithe was in the process of weaving a huge and beautiful mat when I arrived, and interrupted her work ... She's an amazing weaver, an expert I'd say.