About Wild Sands Weaving

Wild Sands Weaving - Collaborating with Living Arts Gallery

Wild Sands Weaving is working in collaboration with Living Arts Gallery, 85 Tukurua Road, Golden Bay. To view and purchase Wild Sands Weaving artworks in Golden Bay visit Living Arts Gallery - open 10am-4.30pm daily over summer, from October to May. Living Arts Gallery is online at www.goldenbayarts.com/living-arts-gallery/


Wild Sands Weaving - The Name

Wild Sands Weaving is located on the western side of beautiful Golden Bay, just a few kilometers from the base of the famous Farewell Spit.
It's wild and windy and rugged out here. When the tide goes out the sands stretch a long way ….
This beautiful and wild landscape inspired the name Wild Sands Weaving.

Wild Sands Weaving - The Story

Hi! I'm Maureen Harte, the weaver, and this is my story ...

Back in year 2000 I was living in Rotorua, in the North Island of New Zealand, and longing for an opportunity to learn the art of flax weaving. After some initial fruitless and frustrating searching, a wonderfully serendipitous connection occurred, and I discovered that community night classes were happening, firstly at the local polytechnic, and then later at Te Puia, which in those days was called Māori Arts and Crafts Institute. I went along, got totally hooked on flax weaving, and have been addicted ever since!

Later I heard of a possible opportunity to supply small weavings to the gift shop at Te Puia.  I wondered if they might possibly consider buying some of my work – but struck with a bout of self doubt, hardly believed my weaving would be good enough to be considered (in fact I was so unsure that when I arrived at the door of the shop, having gone there with the intention of asking about selling my work, my courage failed me and I turned around and went home! - believing it'd be less painful to be turned down on the phone than in person!  I laugh to think back to it now!!). I did however get brave enough to enquire by phone – and would you believe it, the shop manager said yes! So back I went, and surprise surprise, was happily received and walked out half an hour later with my first ever purchase order for weavings. Wild Sands Weaving was born!  In those days I was creating small simple weavings, like the images below - very different to what I'm creating now.  It's been a a long journey, with lots of adventures on the way, from those days to where I'm at now – and the adventures and evolution continue ...